Zhiyun Crane 2 with Servo Follow Focus, 2018 New Package 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR Camera Zh

Zhiyun tech Crane 2 is mountable by all DSLR and mirrorless cameras such as Canon EOS series, Panasonic GH3/GH4, Sony MUILTI interface, Nikon D series.
  • Zhiyun Crane 2 has improved 50% in torque speed, is compatible for big DSLR
  • The Crane 2 gimbal works up to 18 hours
  • The QUICK CONTROL DIAL to make parameters such as TV, AV, ISO
  • Remember Camera Balance and Calibration before using the Crane 2 stabilizer
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  • As incorrect Camera Balance and Motor Force Adjustment will lead to shaking and random shut down
  • Please follow the user guide below the specification or watch video tutorials on Youtube carefully! Or contact for more professional suggestion.
  • ?Please double check the Compatible list "User Manual" at the Technical Specification before making a order?



As the number of videos posted online continues to grow exponentially, content creators need to do more to stand out from the crowd. Shaky, handheld video footage just isn't going to cut it for today's audiences, no matter how good your camera is. That's why you're going to want to get good gimbal stabilizer to help make your 4k videos look smooth and professional.

Zhiyun is a high-tech manufacturer focusing on the design, production and application of 3-Axis gimbals. With the core idea of innovation, Zhiyun leads a patented technology on 3-Axis stabilization system in China, whose gimbals are well selling over 50 countries and sharing 60% of Chinese marketing. All of the products with independent intellectual property rights.

Our mission is to help everyone easily capture steady motion pictures and record beautiful moments in the life!

Zhiyun Crane 2 won the Red Dot Award--the Oscar of the design world.

Philippe Stark, the famous designer, said: "If your stuff is the same as everyone else, why do you design it?"

As one of the internationally recognized top awards for global industrial design, the Red Dot Award, IF Award, and IDEA Award are among the top three design awards in the world. This award for global designers' enthusiasm receives tens of thousands of entries from more than 60 countries around the world to compete for the award.

Recently, Zhiyun Crane 2 3-axis gimbal stabilzer, won the 2018 German Red Dot Award with its outstanding industrial design!


Package Including:

Zhiyun Crane 2 *1

Tripod * 1

Battery Charger *1

18650 Li-ion Batteries *3

Micro to Micro USB Cable *1

Micro to Mini USB Cable *1

Sony Camera Control/Charging Cable *1

Panasonic Camera Control Cable *1

Micro USB Cable *1

User Manual *1

Shoulder strap *1

Carrying Case *1

Gift-Servo Follow Focus *1

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