PITAKA MagEZ Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 6.3 inch Minimalist 100% Aramid Fiber Ultra Slim Thin M

Made from 100% aerospace-grade aramid fiber, this durable, light, and scratch-resistant material used by the military offers robust protection for your Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The raised ring offers protection to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s camera lens.
  • Lightweight aramid fiber MagEZ case doesn’t add any bulk to your Note 10
  • MagEZ phone cover is compatible with PITAKA’s MagEZ Series chargers
  • Other brand car mounts are not compatible with the MagEZ phone case
  • The raised ring offers protection to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 camera lens
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Q1: What is PITAKA?

A1: PITAKA: Alternative Tech Life

PITAKA uses distinct materials and designs to create exceptional everyday carry accessories and wireless charging devices.

All of our products aim to simplify the user experience while offering unusual and innovative features. We are continually researching, planning, and designing new technologies for our ever-expanding line of products from the MagEZ magnetic mount ecosystem to the Air Omni, our unique 6-in-1 charging station.

What we create defines who PITAKA is. We offer alternative gadgets that provide a new kind of tech lifestyle while positively impacting society.

Q2: Why we choose Aramid Fiber as the primary material?

A2:Aramid Fiber is a class of man-made strong synthetic fibre with high performance. They were originally developed for and used in aerospace or military applications.

Molecules of those fibre are characterised by relatively rigid polymer chains. These molecules are linked by strong hydrogen bonds that transfer mechanical stress very efficiently, making it possible to use chains of relatively low molecular weight. Aramid fibre is thinner than the average of human hair.

Compared with Carbon Fiber, Aramid Fiber is as same as carbon fiber, while it is non-conductive and has more soft touch. It is perfect material for phone case. So we choose it to make our first phone case from 2015.

pitaka aramid fiber case for Samsung glaxy note 10 with magnetic charging solution
phone case made of kevlar

Everlasting Protection

Made of 100% Aramid Fiber. Now, your phone is protected with the same material used in body armor, spacecraft, jet engines, and Formula 1 Race cars.

phone case made of kevlar


Five times stronger than steel


Be friendly for PowerShare


Accurate cutting and easy access to all buttons



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